Managing Change

  • Course Duration: 1 day


Perhaps the most challenging aspect of improvement is that it necessitates change. The greater the improvement, the greater the challenge for management to lead their organisation from its present position to one which is more competitive. Sometimes organisations make the right strategic decisions, but do not reach their intended destination because they have failed to identify and navigate their way around the obstacles en route.

This 1-day course identifies the classic obstacles to change, explains why they exist and what needs to be done to avoid, eliminate or reduce these obstacles. It does not propose ready-made solutions, because every organisation is sufficiently different to require bespoke treatment. However, the course covers what every manager should know about managing change successfully.

Who should attend

  • Change managers who are required to lead a major improvement initiative.
  • Managers who want a clear explanation of what they and their fellow managers must do to implement organisational change successfully.
  • Employees who are involved in and affected by planned changes.


  • Participants will understand the natural reactions to change and in a positive way to develop attitudinal change to encourage their buy in.
  • Sponsor organisations will be able to anticipate resistance to change in all its forms and to plan proactive measure to overcome the factors which tend to resist improvement.

Key Topics

  • Things that make change necessary
  • How people react to change
  • How organisations react to change
  • What happens when improvement initiatives and programmes go wrong
  • Strategies for change
  • Planning of change
  • Preparing the road for change
  • Getting others on your side
  • Changes that occur during change itself
  • Dealing with problems during transition
  • Monitoring , measuring and reporting progress
  • Managing change in projects


This 1-day course comprises a series of interactive tutorials, examples and team-based exercises. Each participant who completes the course will receive a set of course notes and a certificate.

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