ISO/IEC 17020:2012 Internal Auditor Training Course

  • Course Duration: 2 days


ISO/IEC 17020 ‘Conformity Assessment – Requirements for the Operation of Various Types of Bodies Performing Inspection’ specifies general requirements which are used as the basis for independent accreditation. The standard provides criteria for establishing an effective Quality Management System which provides confidence in inspection results and a structured basis for ongoing performance improvement.

This course gives guidance on establishing a successful internal audit programme and shows how to carry out every stage of an audit effectively within an inspection body in an ISO/IEC 17020 context.

It comprises a series of interactive tutorials and workshops providing an overview of the content of ISO/IEC 17020 and an in-depth coverage of how to conduct effective internal audits of organisations which provide inspection services.

Who should attend

  • Newly appointed Quality Managers who seek audit skills.
  • Inspection and associated staff who will be carrying out internal audits. Whilst some knowledge of the standard is preferable, no previous audit experience is required.
  • Persons who wish to upgrade their audit skills to cover management system and witness audits, particularly in an accredited environment.
  • Non-auditors who wish to understand audit and its benefits and to be prepared to receive an audit.


  • Participants will be able to perform internal audits against the requirements of ISO/IEC 17020
  • Sponsor organisations will be able to establish an audit programme which will help to minimise risk, identify improvements and reduce avoidable costs

Key Topics

  • Quality management and the need for audit
  • The requirements of ISO/IEC 17020
  • Establishing an audit programme
  • Selecting and training internal auditors
  • Planning an audit
  • Preparing audit checklists
  • Performing an audit
  • Reporting audit findings
  • Reviewing and verifying corrective action
  • Dealing with difficult audit situations
  • Auditing for improvement


This 2-day course comprises a series of interactive tutorials, examples and team-based exercises. Each participant will receive a set of course notes and, on successful completion, a certificate.

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