ISO 50001 Management Brief

  • Course Duration: 1/2 day


ISO 50001 provides a model for developing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an Energy Management System (EnMS). It enables an organisation to systematically improve its energy efficiency and reduce its contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. Achieving ISO 50001 certification can demonstrate compliance with the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme Regulations (ESOS).

This brief is designed to be delivered in-house to give management a clear understanding of the purpose of ISO 50001 and what an organisation needs to do to obtain year on year cost savings and other sustainable benefits.

Who should attend

Managers who wish to obtain a clear understanding of what needs to be done to implement ISO 50001 successfully to achieve first time certification and significant benefits to their business and reputation. Afterwards, they should be able to discuss and answer the questions “ISO 50001 is right for us?” and “Would ISO 50001 certification add still more value to our business?”.


  • Attendees will have a clear understanding of the intent and structure of the ISO 50001 and the elements of ISO 50001 which lead to improved energy performance and cost savings.
  • The knowledge gained will enable them to make informed decisions about the implementation of ISO 50001 in their organisation.

Key Topics

  • Purpose of ISO 50001
  • Achieving compliance with energy legislation, in particular ESOS
  • Achieving higher ROI through improved management of plant, equipment and other infrastructure
  • How ISO 50001 reduces energy costs and carbon footprint
  • Formulating and deploying your energy policy
  • Improving your position in the Carbon Reduction Committee (CRC) Performance League Table
  • Deriving data for producing Greenhouse Gas Reports to be included in annual company reports
  • Understanding the energy drivers for your business
  • The Energy Team and other key roles in improving energy performance
  • Engaging employees and other key stakeholders
  • The essential requirements for getting real gains through ISO 50001


This half-day brief comprises an illustrated presentation and discussion relevant to the organisation’s business. Each participant will receive a written summary.

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