ISO 22301 Implementation Training Course

  • Course Duration: 3 days


The course takes participants step-by-step through a process of developing a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) in line with ISO 22301:2013. Explanations will be given in clear, practical ways which will help to remove the mystique and complexity associated with the subject of business continuity management.

Training applies accelerated learning techniques in a series of practical, team-based workshops.

Who should attend

  • Persons who may be assigned to co-ordinate ISO 22301 implementation and need to know how the task should be managed to make it successful.
  • Risk managers, functional heads, project managers and IT professional who wish to obtain a more detailed understanding ISO 22301’s requirements and the practical means of putting a BCMS in place which fits their organisation.
  • Individuals who will be directly involved in developing the BCMS within their areas of responsibility.


  • Participants will have a clear and practical understanding of how to plan and undertake Business Continuity Management System development in line with ISO 22301 requirements.
  • Sponsor organisations will have employees in key roles with knowledge to enable ISO 22301 to be implemented and buy-in based on understanding of the potential benefits.

Key Topics

  • Purpose and logical structure of ISO 22301
  • Opportunities for reducing current and future threats to business continuity
  • Interpreting ISO 22301 requirements for your organisation
  • Planning the BCMS to fit your needs
  • Creating the Business Continuity Policy
  • Identifying and analysing risks to disruption
  • Developing an appropriate business continuity strategy
  • Developing business continuity management processesĀ  andĀ  controls
  • Determining and providing key resources for business continuity management
  • Planning arrangements for detecting and responding to disruptive incidents
  • Planning and implementing communications relevant to business continuity
  • Verifying that the Business Continuity Plan and procedures will work
  • Internal audit, BCMS review and other mechanisms which maintain and continually improve effectiveness of the BCMS
  • Process leading to first time certification to ISO 22301


This 3-day course comprises a series of interactive tutorials, discussions and practical exercises. Each participant who fully completes the course will receive course notes and a certificate of attendance.

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