Evaluating Environmental Impacts

  • Course Duration: 1 day


This 1-day course addresses one of the most important and challenging stages in planning and implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS).

ISO 14001:2015 requires organisations to identify aspects of their activities, products and services that can have significant impacts on the environment. It further requires that environmental impacts are evaluated in order to identify those which are significant and need to be formally controlled.

An organisation’s compliance with legal requirements depends on having sound procedures for evaluating environmental impacts.

Who should attend

  • EMS Managers who wish to establish practicable and effective procedures for assessing environmental impacts
  • Individuals who will be required to evaluate environmental impacts.
  • Risk Managers who wish to include environmental risk within their organisation’s overall strategy for managing risk.
  • EMS Auditors who wish to have a clear understanding of good practice for evaluating environmental impacts.


  • Participants will understand and apply sound methods for evaluation environmental impacts by area and by activities.
  • Sponsor organisations will acquire a core of people able to identify environmental aspects and their impacts in order enable development of suitable and effective environmental controls.

Key Topics

  • Legal and other requirements for managing environmental risk
  • ISO 14001:2015 requirements for evaluating environmental impacts
  • Identifying environmental aspects
  • Applying a life cycle perspective as required by ISO 14001:2015
  • Practical methods for evaluating environmental impacts and their relative merits
  • Strategies for managing environmental risks
  • Planning and implementing controls that reduce risk


This 1-day course comprises a series of interactive tutorials and exercises. Each participant will receive a course manual and, following successful completion, a certificate.

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