ISO 9001 Quality Management System Training Courses

This set of courses includes our ever popular Quality Management System Auditor Training Courses and others that impart key skills for developing and continually improving a Quality Management System (QMS).

Now includes our ISO 9001:2015 Auditor Transition Training Course and the ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015 QMS Transition Training Course.

It was a very beneficial course for our staff. The course content and tutor’s performance was excellent.

B. A. Malik, FAMCO

I think the course is excellent… the structure, knowledge of the tutors and material are very good… can be recommended.

Biha Osario Diego, Bayer, USA

Very much enjoyed the course. Very relevant to my work and gave food for thought.

Judith Janssens, ADAMAS

Excellent course… good knowledge for new auditor to go out and perform to the best of their ability and want to be a good auditor.

Lela Hargrove, Public Course

Would recommend to all potential auditors. Would highly recommend to management where audits are required.

Lori Artim, Bayer, USA

The course has been an excellent eye opener and will be very useful in my daily work.

Roy D’Souza, Public Course

You gave us a better understanding of auditing, of how it should be done properly. Thanks a lot!

Armela Dulles, Public Course

Excellent examples were given to understand the subject.

Maxim D’Souza, Public Course

The tutor was very professional and the course was well structured. The tutor made the sessions very interesting by providing many real examples to illustrate the content.

Esther Martinez, European Medicines Agency

A good tool to enable me to feel confident in carrying out internal audits in the future.

Andy Waites, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd

Well delivered. Good structure. Tutor made the subject very enjoyable indeed.

Dora Duarte, European Medicines Agency

My personal thanks to the tutor for his brilliant performance. As a future Quality Manager, this course gives me a great start for my career.

Slimane Mechouki, Public Course

The course has broadened my outlook to the system of auditing.

Bazil Rocque, Public Course

Very informative and engaging training that I would recommend to colleagues at all levels. Thanks so much.

Jana Schalansky, European Medicines Agency

Far more valuable than I had anticipated. The role plays on Day 2 were an excellent feature and I thoroughly enjoyed the course

Paul Rossington, Centrica

Very illuminating as to the methods required to successfully audit.

Fraser MacDonald, Public Course

The knowledge and experience brought to the course was imparted well and held the attention of the group. Thoroughly worthwhile!

Phae Pritchard, CREL

Very informative course with excellent practices and exercises. Would recommend to any quality auditor.

A. Malik, Etisalat Academy, UAE

I have spent a fair amount of time with certified auditors and none have so easily conveyed ISO 9001. Really helpful!

Philip Doig, Risk Manager, Centrica Renewable Energy Ltd

Completely changed my mind about the value of implementing a quality management system.

Alan Wier, Bayer, USA

Thought the class was great and had an entertainment value to keep the attention of students. Very comprehensive course. Enjoyed the experience.

Grant Walker, Bayer, USA

Very informative course leading to better skills and auditing techniques.

S. A. Memon, Etisalat Academy, UAE

Enjoyable. Well structured.

Kay C. Khoo, Bayer CropScience, Australia

Anyone would benefit from this training in order to work smarter.

Veronica Picciafucco, European Medicines Agency

The training was excellent and informative and more than I expected.

John Seema, Public Course

The course provided great insight and appreciation of internal QMS audit… which is very useful for a beginner. Quite concise, informative and interesting.

Chuk Ezeokeke, Centrica Renewable Energy Ltd

The course was excellent. We find it very useful in our work. We are very pleased with the tutor as he guides the course very well.

A. A. Nikam, Bayer, India

Very informative, gave better understanding of what an auditor may need/expect from me when being audited.

Wilma May, Centrica

This was an excellent course. It made me think and analyse. The instructor was also excellent. I highly recommend this course.

Virginia Amader, CAS Ltd, Kuwait

Course was structured perfectly.

A. K. Jyer, JAL International

It has given me confidence to continue auditing successfully within the Company.

Richard Barlow, Centrica

The exercises were very valuable and the role plays were realistic. Gives me confidence in actual experience and not just theory.

Simone Commandeur, CREL

Excellent knowledge. Gave everyone a chance to express themselves. Very understanding.

Jim Doubrave, CAS Ltd, Kuwait

Speaker’s knowledge was excellent and vast. We found this experience very useful.

Javed Petafi, Public Course, Kuwait

The course notes and handouts were so organised, I was able to focus on the tutor instead of taking notes. It was a very nice course and experience.

Dr Hala Amliza, Public Course, Bahrain

I was surprised at how interesting this course actually is! It has improved my thinking on auditing and why it is necessary.

Sherry Strutton, Public Course

A very informative and well produced course.

Dan Morgan, Gulf Agency Company, Qatar

Best tutors I have had in my career so far.

Karel de Rudder, Bayer, Belgium

This course will really help me to do my best during internal audits at our Company.

T.R. Giri, Public Course

The course was made very enjoyable by the tutor’s presentation skills and the way he involved all participants. Nicely done!

Simona Villa-Colciago, European Medicines Agency

Thank you for adding humor to the course! The content was excellent.

Celine Bienek, Bayer, USA

An excellent course. Extremely interesting and very well run.

M. Trevor-Jones, Sigma Paints

The course will be a very good tool for developing/improving the quality system in my organisation.

D. Sanghera, Public Course

Learned much about audit and QMS. I look forward to applying my knowledge. The instructor was excellent.

Michael Weeks, Bayer, USA

Course conducted in good professional atmosphere.

John Ross, Public Course

ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor Training Course

Provides in-depth training in all types of QMS audit. It is the natural choice of individuals who wish to qualify to carry out audit of suppliers and contractors and also of professionals who wish to audit on behalf of 3rd party certification bodies.

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