ISO 55001 Asset Management Systems Training Courses

ISO 55001 specifies requirements for an Asset Management System and is a key part of the ISO 55000 series of standards. The following training courses provide knowledge and skills to develop, implement and maintain excellent Asset Management Systems based on the requirements of ISO 55001.

The course material, particularly the exercises, are very well designed.

A. Bajwa, Public Course

The tutor delivered the material in a very professional manner. He was very knowledgeable in the subject and answered all questions clearly.

Nihad Hamed, Public Course

Conducted in an air of professionalism without losing humour or sense of enjoyment.

Phil Bridger, Public Course

I came on this course knowing very little and am leaving with great, useful knowledge and most importantly an understanding of what is required of me.

Rebecca Butler, Public Course

The exercises were extremely helpful in understanding the materials covered. Thanks for your time!

Kris Wilder, Public Course

An extremely beneficial course. Clear and concise.

Steven James, Public Course

The overall organisation and planning of the course from its inception to actual presentation was commendable.

Levi Santos, Public Course

Thank you!! Excellent abilities to convey a fairly challenging subject to a mixed group.

Justin Martin, Public Course

Great instructor. Excellent student/instructor rapport. Grand experience.

Bill Wood, Public Course

A very competent trainer with vast experience all too apparent. Well done. Excellent job.

Paul Fardy, Public Course

A well structured course and well delivered with time taken for detailed explanations where necessary.

J. K. Seth, Public Course

Great instruction. All aspects were covered with grand appeal and delivery.

Floyd K. Wright, Public Course

An excellent instructor. He used personal anecdotes about his past experiences to illustrate and clarify points. Done with great humour and professionalism.

Ronnie Parristl, Public Course

I was rather apprehensive in the beginning, but thoroughly enjoyed the course. I feel as though I really understood it.

Nicky Jones, Public Course


Kathy Williams, Public Course

Very good, worthwhile course for ongoing learning. Enjoyed the company of the tutor and delegates alike.

George Reach, Public Course

ISO 55001 Management Brief

This brief is delivered in-house and tells management what they need to know about ISO 55001. It explains the intent and rationale behind ISO 55001. The brief describes the very significant strategic benefits to be gained from an Asset Management System based on intelligent implementation of ISO 55001.

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ISO 55001 Foundation Training Course

This 1-day course takes participants through ISO 55001 and gives expert interpretation of the key ISO 55001 requirements in plain language. Participants will gain a clear understanding of what their organisation will need to do to meet ISO 55001 requirements.

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ISO 55001 Internal Auditor Training Course

This 2-day course enables participants to plan, perform and report the results of internal audits of an Asset Management System as required by ISO 55001. The training follows a risk-based to audit. It not only assesses compliance, but also stimulates improvement of physical assets and the Asset Management System itself to fulfil the intent of ISO 55001.

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ISO 55001 Auditor Conversion Course

This 2-day course enables participants to convert their existing audit skills in order to carry out internal and external audits of an Asset Management System against ISO 55001 audit criteria. Typically, they will have previously learned and practiced their audit skills in relation to another standard such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 or PAS 55.

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