ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Training Courses

This set of courses includes our Health and Safety Management System Auditor Training Courses and others that impart key skills for developing and continually improving an Occupational Health and Safety Management (SMS).

The course was very interactive and very practical. There was no boring moment. Well done.

Jerry Fernandes, Public Course

Thanks to the tutor for imparting a lot of knowledge in this short period of time in the best possible way.

Anil Streedhar, Public Course

The course was very interesting and enlightening to the team.

Berni Ti Cinco, Public Course

Excellent course. The tutor is very knowledgeable and a very good instructor. Excellent attitude.

John Watson, Public Course

The course was excellent. It provided me with the knowledge and information I was seeking. The tutor was excellent, added greatly to the learning experience. Well done !!

Randall Sonmor, Public Course

Overall it was great course of exceptional quality.

S. M. Khan, Public Course

Great class. Outstanding instructor.

Philip Scott, Public Course

Very well conducted and presented course.

Maurice Fernandes, Public Course

The course will help me a lot in my work. The materials in the course were excellent. The exercises were very beneficial.

Taha Al-Hamri, Public Course

You have done a remarkable job in putting together this course.

Anil George, Public Course

Very informative and helpful and excellent participation.

Francesca Fernandes, Public Course

The trainer is very experienced in his work with real time experience for narration of examples. It is a job well done and beyond my expectations.

M. A. Mateen, Public Course

ISO 45001 Auditor Conversion Course

This 1-day course enables trained Internal QMS Auditors to acquire the additional knowledge of key requirements of ISO 45001 needed to carry out internal audits of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

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ISO 45001 Management Brief

This brief is delivered in-house and tells management what they need to know about ISO 45001. It explains the intent and rationale behind ISO 45001. Most importantly, it explains how ISO 45001 should be used to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations and how certification to ISO 45001 can be used to further enhance company-wide health and safety performance.

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ISO 45001 Foundation Training Course

This 1-day course takes participants through ISO 45001 and gives expert interpretation of ISO 45001 requirements in plain language. Participants will gain a clear understanding of what their organisation will need to do to meet ISO 45001 requirements and will be able to interpret ISO 45001 for others.

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Evaluating Health and Safety Risks

This 1-day course provides participants with a practical, systematic approach to identifying health and safety hazards and evaluating the associated risks. Such procedures are key to addressing several requirements of ISO 45001 for managing health and safety risk.

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Managing a Health and Safety Improvement Programme

This 1-day course enables participants to develop and maintain a programme for stimulating and managing continual improvement in an organisation’s health and safety performance. The training is highly relevant to ISO 45001 requirements for setting and achieving health and safety objectives.

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