ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Training Courses

Includes Information Security Management System (ISMS) auditor training courses and others that impart key skills for developing and implementing an ISMS to safeguard information and prevent serious damage to reputation.

Conducted in an air of professionalism without losing humour or sense of enjoyment.

Phil Bridger, Public Course

Thanks. A pleasure.

Captain Ray Gott, Public Course

You have done a remarkable job in putting together this course.

Anil George, Public Course

The exercises were extremely helpful in understanding the materials covered. Thanks for your time !

Kris Wilder, Public Course

An excellent course, very well presented.

Christopher Gosney, Public Course

A well structured course and well delivered with time taken for detailed explanations where necessary.

J. K. Seth, Public Course

ISO 27001 Management Brief

Explains how ISO 27001 provides a robust solution for ensuring compliance with current and future regulatory requirements by establishing a permanent system and culture for information security management.

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