Our management consultants are multi-skilled professionals in the areas of ISO 9001ISO 14001ISO 45001ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 55001, ISO 50001, and other management system standards.

We provide consultancy services that enable our clients to establish excellent management systems, to improve their existing business processes and to design new, lean processes for start-up operations and diversifying companies.

Gablesmead has considerable experience in developing integrated management systems which support the strategic aims of our client’s organisations.

Gablesmead are very adept at working with people at every level in the organisation to identify what the business needs and then helping to develop a first class management system.

Stephen Bolton, Head of Asset Management, Spencer Asset Management Ltd

The management system, as created, is clear and easy to maintain, yet thorough and comprehensive.

Alan and Hilary O'Nions, Alglas Ltd

Our Consultants

Our excellent team of management consultants comprises seasoned professionals who have developed their expertise in many different sectors and in diverse cultures around the world. We take great care to appoint the right consultant to each project to ensure the most compatible blend of skills and empathy with the client.

The Way We Work

Our aim is to enable each client to achieve gains which they could not achieve by themselves or might only do so with far greater risk and cost to themselves.

No two projects are exactly the same. However, certain features of our approach are constant. They are to:

  • demonstrate our competence and win a client’s respect at an early stage
  • help to identify and focus on the key management issues
  • develop the most appropriate strategy and set clear objectives
  • work in close partnership with our clients to achieve agreed objectives
  • enable our clients to acquire our know-how, use it effectively and retain it

Types of Consultancy Support

The type of consultancy support depends on the client’s requirements. Typically, it can include one or more of the following:

  • performing an analysis of needs
  • developing and agreeing strategies and action plans
  • passing on valuable knowledge and skills to individuals and teams
  • “hand-holding” after training to consolidate new skills
  • providing expert resource where it is absent or has been lost
  • mentoring managers to help them make informed decisions and to develop sound plans for improvement

Corporate and Individual Benefits

Organisations benefit directly through implementing improvements successfully. Gablesmead benefits from their success too. We receive calls over the years from clients when they identify new challenges and feel confident in our ability to help. We are proud and grateful for the trust and loyalty displayed by our clients.

Back up

In any project, small or large, a Gablesmead director has overall responsibility to ensure successful delivery of support and is accessible to the client. In addition, our training and audit resources are available to complement consultancy. They provide a most effective and efficient package for delivering improved performance.

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