Supply Chain Management

Our team includes quality managers and quality engineers with in-depth skills and experience not only in auditing suppliers and contractors, but also applying appropriate QA/QC disciplines to assess their processes and products. Their support can make a critical difference in the sustainable performance of your supply chain and may include, as appropriate, the following contracted services:

  • reviewing and commenting on tenders and draft contracts to ensure they adequately specify quality (and, where relevant, health & safety, environmental and other requirements).
  • reviewing and commenting on quality plans (yours and those of your suppliers) and project plans.
  • attending management reviews and project reviews and helping to ensure, through asking the right questions and giving the right advice, that supply chain controls have rigour.
  • providing expert quality input to the investigation of any failures in purchased product and services in order to initiate action which will prevent recurrence.
  • working with your product and service delivery experts to ensure that lessons are learnt from past projects and used wisely to improve performance and reduce costs in future projects.