Assessing Suppliers & Contractors

Audit is a powerful tool for managing the risks associated with the goods, works and services you purchase. In some sectors, failure to manage such risks can lead to massive levels of avoidable cost.

We are happy to work with management system managers, project managers or your procurement function, as required, to:

  • carry out pre-contract audits of potential suppliers and contractors to assess their management system and identify weaknesses which, if not corrected, could lead to expensive failures for your organisation.
  • carry out audits of suppliers and contractors post contract to pin-point problems and provide audit reports and clear direction on where urgent improvement action is needed.
  • train employees to audit suppliers and contractors (see Training).
  • provide one of our highly experienced auditors to lead audits and mentor recently trained external auditors.
  • carry out audits of suppliers and contractors to monitor their compliance with quality, safety, environmental and other requirements specified contract.