Audit & Assessment

Gablesmead’s team of highly qualified auditors is able to provide you with a range of audit and assessment services which can enable your organisation to focus improvement action where it will deliver the greatest benefits.

The outcomes of a sound audit approach should be:

  • Demonstrable compliance with legal and other requirements.
  • Effectively managed risks.
  • Significantly reduced costs.

Our audit and assessment services can be deployed singly or as an integral part of a package of support which may include consultancy and training.

The Consultant did a great job in leading a team of newly trained internal auditors. It boosted their self confidence and helped them to produce really useful audit reports.

Michael Ferguson, Performance and Planning Manager, Centrica

Internal Auditing

A robust and effective internal audit programme is essential for maintaining a healthy management system. For this reason, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 55001 and every other management system standard specify key requirements for internal auditing.

Certification auditors and regulators will examine this area with keen interest.

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Assessing Suppliers & Contractors

Audit is a powerful tool for managing the risks associated with the goods, works and services you purchase. In some sectors, failure to manage such risks can lead to massive levels of avoidable cost.

We are happy to work with management system managers, project managers or your procurement function, as required.

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Supply Chain Management

Our team includes quality managers and quality engineers with in-depth skills and experience not only auditing suppliers and contractors, but also applying appropriate QA/QC disciplines to assess their processes and products.

Their support can make a critical difference in the sustainable performance of your supply chain.

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Certification Audits

By choice, Gablesmead is not a certification body. We use this as an advantage to help our clients get the most out of achieving and maintaining certification.

For more information see Help with Certification.

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