About Us

Our Services

Gablesmead provides consultancy, training and audit & assessment services to organisations throughout the world. Our energies and expert skills are directed towards improving the performance of our client organisations, enabling them to set and achieve ambitious goals.

We enable our clients to demonstrate effective governance, manage knowledge, reduce risk, eliminate avoidable costs and ultimately enhance the satisfaction of their clients. We work closely with our clients to bring about improvement through people, through their business processes and by establishing effective management systems.

Our Clients

Our growing international client base covers a very wide range of organisations from small, specialist family businesses to multinational corporations. It includes every sector from service providers to manufacturing to government departments.

Sometimes organisations come to us with a single, specified requirement such as a particular training course. In many instances, they have a range of issues to tackle and do not know where to start. Whatever the need, we begin by listening carefully and then work with each client to develop the most appropriate solution.

Our People

As a service organisation, we recognise that our success relies on the performance of our people. We therefore apply two very strict selection criteria. The first is that they excel at their work and the second is that they have the highest professional integrity. Our consultants and trainers are mature professionals with many years experience in the world of business.

We seek to recruit professionals who are the best in their chosen field.

We also aim to foster partnerships with likeminded organisations where close co-operation offers significant benefits to clients and other key stakeholders.

Our Philosophy

We have developed a powerful range of products and strategies to meet an equally wide and diverse range of client needs. However, to some degree, every client is different. So, we do not deal in standard off-the-shelf solutions. We talk to each client to identify and agree their particular requirements and then work with them to meet them.

Gablesmead products and services aim for excellence. We seek feedback from our clients and respond promptly to ensure that we remain at the leading edge of our business.

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